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G-Spot Wand Attachment

G-Spot Wand Attachment by Trinity Vibes

The Trinity Vibes G-Spot Wand Attachment is one of the best and most popular wand attachments there is. Ergonomically contoured for maximum pleasure and satisfaction, the 6 inch length of this attachment is perfect for anybody. By focusing the vibration on the right area of your body, you will be able to pleasure yourself better and faster than ever before. The plastic is soft to the touch and will please everyone with it’s total stimulation of your G-Spot and other private parts.

Women love to use the G-Spot wand attachment especially with the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager that can deliver the right amount of powerful vibrations throughout your body. It’s great massage therapy! You will be able to achieve multiple orgasms in a  very short period of time.

Rabbit Vibrator Wand Attachment by Trinity VibesRabbit Vibrator Wand Attachment by Trinity Vibes

As one of the best rated wand accessories of all time the Rabbit Vibrator Wand Attachment is the perfect companion for your Hitachi Magic Wand Massager or Wand Essentials Massager. Fitting snuggly on the head of your massager, this nifty little tip can transform your massaging wand into a super powerful Rabbit Vibrator.

Customers are raving in the reviews about how good this accessory is. Measuring 4 inches in length and 2.3 inches in diameter, this wand attachment is compatible with the popular Hitachi Magic Wand and the Wand Essentials Wand Massagers also which you can buy online for relatively cheap these days. By converting your wand massager into a rabbit vibe, women will enjoy simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and intense vaginal stimulation for strong and fast orgasms. The smooth shaft of the rabbit attachment glides inside your body effortlessly and prepares your for extreme enjoyment.

Hummingbird Wand AttachmentHummingbird Wand Essentials Masturbator Attachment

Creating amazing sensations is the best thing the Hummingbird Wand Essential Masturbator Attachment can do. It’s a wand attachment for men, and works by placing the shaft of the penis inside the attachment and the vibrations will bring you to ecstasy. The attachment is numbed for extra pleasure around your sensitive areas.

By stroking back and forth you will be able to enjoy intense sets of vibrations that will make your cum in no time. For any women looking to add some excitement to your sex life with your husband or boyfriend, this Hummingbird wand attachment is the perfect one to add to your collection of fun attachments accessories.

Flutter Wand AttachmentFlutter Wand Massager Attachment by Wand Essentials

One of the best wand attachment available is the  Wand Essentials Flutter Wand Attachment. By placing the attachment over the head of your massager and turning the power on, this amazing add-on tip made of high quality soft silicone that vibrates the soft silicone wing when in operation.

This tip is compatible with Wand Essential Massagers and the famous and world’s best massager the Hitachi Magic Wand. This attachment  is easy to clean and non-porous which makes it ideal for extended use.. The fluttering part of this tip vibrates in a wave pattern while it’s on full power.

Triple Pleaser Wand AttachmentTriple Pleaser Wand Attachment by Wand Essentials

When you feel a bit naughtier you can step up to the magnificent Triple Pleaser Wand Attachment! This one will increase your pleasure from other regular wand attachments. You will be able to achieve clitoral and anal stimulation at once with this tip that fits onto most handheld wands. Satisfying customers all over the world can’t stop talking about how great this add-on is to their intimate life with their partners also.

It’s fun to use and easy to clean after a long session. This G-Spot stimulator wand attachment focuses on the right areas to make you come with extra sensations all up inside of you.

Miracle Massager AccessoryCalifornia Exotics Miracle Massager Accessory

When we first came across the soft jelly material of this G-Spot probe accessory that is the  Miracle Massager  wand attachment by California Exotic Novelties, I was skeptical that it would not be as good as promoted. I could not be more wrong. This attachment is awesome! It penetrates deep inside my holes and fitted perfectly on my Hitachi Magic Wand Massager.

It’s long enough and has enough girth on the shaft to please anyone looking for a quick fix. Considered by many as the Ultimate wand accessory, I would highly recommend it to any user looking to relax with an internal deep massage.

Natural Contours G Plus Wand AttachmentNatural Contours G Plus Wand Attachment

Unlike anything resembling in on the market, this Natural Contours G Plus Wand Attachment is sleek in design as it is seamless and molded from high grade synthetic materials, and is also a patented design which was created to intensely stimulate both the G-Spot and the woman’s clitoris at the same time for maximum pleasure.

The ultra focused vibrations allows the user to place the flexible soft, order free and phthalate free inside their body without risk of irritation or anything else. This is compatible with most ball-head type massagers like the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Lily Pod Wand AttachmentLily Pod Magic Wand Massager Attachment

Sometimes you don’t need to relax your sore muscles, or relieve tension, but you just want to have some fun. That when the Lily Pod Wand Attachment comes into play. This clever and well designed tip from Trinity Vibes, helps the girl user apply direct stimulation from the contoured shape on the clitoris. The texture cup offers the best pinpoint sensations that any other tip. Yes the Lily Pod Wand Attachment is the  ideal add-on for your handheld massager.

Women will love this Wand Essentials Lily Pod Tip due to the fact that it produces mind boggling experience every time you use it. The stimulating pleasure nubs inside tickle and tease by delivering just the right amount of vibrations on your sensitive areas. This wand attachment is not too hard but not too soft, just the perfect amount to please you.

Nub Tip Wand AttachmentWand Essentials Nub Tip Wand Attachment

The primary feature of this Nub Tip wand attachment is to help alleviate tired and sore muscles and cramps. The tiny nubs allow for massaging and relieving with vibrations the soreness of your body. Also doubling as a female masturbation vibrator combined with a magic wand massager, this Nub Tip accessory will certainly make you happy every time you use it after work or in the bedroom. It’s the perfect gift for those special occasion for your wife or girlfriend.

Measuring dimensions of 2.3 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in length, this wand attachment is made of flexible TPE material to ensure satisfaction on a long lasting relief due ot it’s high quality of manufacturing. Apply pressure with the wand and this tip onto the troubled area that is sore from your body will help release the tension in the muscles. If you are an athlete or a sports celebrity you will enjoy the power of this add-on.

wand curved straight wand attachmentsHitachi Magic wand curved and straight attachment combo

With odorless construction, easy to clean with soap and water, these are special molded soft attachments made for the Hitachi magic Wand Massager and other type of massaging wands. The curved attachment is made to hit the G-spot on the male or female as the curved on is made to penetrate deeply. This combo is very popular with sorority girls during hazing time in most sororities worldwide.

If you are young, fresh and fun you might want to consider this combo to save money and get ready to ride in no time. You will really enjoy this men’s wand attachements!

Magnolia Wand AttachmentMagnolia Wand Attachment

Created from very soft and supple materials  this flexible clitoris stimulator dildo has a rigid shaft for added intense internal stimulation. You will love the pretty pink color and how good this Magnolia wand attachment will rock your world.

It’s one of the best wand attachments accessories ever created and loved by million all over the globe. Made by Trinity Vibes the reputable vibrator maker, these attachments are of the highest quality to impress you and your romantic lover.

Nuzzle Tip Wand AttachmentSilicone Nuzzle Tip Wand Attachment

Yes Trinity Vibes is at it again with another very fun and colorful Silicone Nuzzle Tip Wand Attachment! The pretty pink silicone material fits on any wand essentials wand or Hitachi Magic Wands. This uniquely designed wand massager tip while provide an exhilarating experience for the user.

Made of velvety soft silicone, it’s non-porous and easy to clean when your playtime is finished. Its very easy to remove or attach on the Hitachi wand so it should be perfect for any lady.

Double Penetration Wand AttachmentTrinity Triple Pleaser Wand Attachment


Nubbed for her pleasure, this ergonomically shaped Trinity Triple Pleaser Wand Attachment accessory is ideal because it’s made of soft and comfortable material. This increases the chances or orgasms and the intensity of them. The dual penetrator, is great for women who like double penetration action. Also known as the 3Teez Wand Attachment, its popular amongst circles of people who required the very best wand attachments.

This is not an attachment for newbies, the intensity of the vibrations may make you ejaculate too hard into climax.

Wand AttachmentHitachi Magic Wand Massager + 2 Attachments

Yes every sex therapist expert out there will recommend the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager with the appropriate attachments for good fun and restoring fun into a relationship. These wand attachments are made of blue plasticol and are made with medical grade material which is non-toxic and non-irritating.

The power source voltage is 110V-120 volts and has an electric motor than can spin at 6000 rpm/min on the high setting and 5000 rpm on the low setting. The deep vibrations this wand can provide will make a woman orgasm in a matter of seconds. The Hitachi Magic Wand comes standard with a one year manufacturers warranty for peace of mind.

2 Piece Mini Wand Massager Attachments kitWand Essentials 2 Piece Mini Attachment Kit

Trinity Vibes has created a cool new accessory known as the Wand Essentials 2 Piece Mini Attachments. With a diameter of 1.1 inches, it’s super easy to slip this tip over the head of your favorite wand. It’s made of high quality and durable TPR which means Thermoplastic Rubber, and is safe even for sensitive skin types.

The two attachments can stimulate full clitoral stimulation in the perfect erogenous zone. Yes it can tickle your nipples while having fun with your partner, or solo clitoral insertion. The smooth and flexible material makes it great for extended uses of long periods of time or repetitive action. These two attachments kit are Phthalate free and also they fit perfectly over the Mini Wand Essentials 7 Function Wand. The Feeler Tip is awesome for quick intense pleasure.

G-Spotter Wand AttachmentVibratex G-Spotter Attachment

Not all attachment accessories are created equal. For example this thick but fun to use Vibratex G-Spotter Attachment is the right size for almost anyone. Crafted in the USA, this Arc in Stem which is designed especially for strong G-Spot stimulation, will certainly fulfill your wildest desires.

The cup shaped cap is made of high quality food grade vinyl for long lasting. This attachment has been made specially for use with the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager and others like it. By placing it on your pubic area, it will vibrate against your clitoris to bring you a strong orgasm. The curve of this G-Spotter is a great addition during intercourse.

Miracle Massager Wand Attachment for MenCalifornia Exotics Miracle Massager Accessory for Men

Often referred to as the ultimate male masturbation accessory toy, this attachment delivers the experience unequivocal packed with pleasure. California Exotics Miracle Massager Accessory for Him was designed from the ground up to be a fun and easy to use, but also soft and pliable wand attachment made from TPR. This tip will fit onto most wand massagers on the market like the magic wand.

Vibration levels can be very strong depending on which massager you decide to use. The soft material adds to the pleasure and the quality of the product means it’s going to last a very long time even after heavy use.

Bird Of Paradise Wand AttachmentWand Essentials Bird Of Paradise Wand Massager Attachment

Engineered to hit the G-Spot every single time, the Bird Of Paradise Wand Massager Attachment is awesome! Just place it on the head of your massager and get going at it. Curved just right for you, it will penetrate your most intimate parts and fullfil your biggest desires with it’s thick vibrating shaft. Compatible with all Wand Essentials wands massagers and Hitachi Magic Wand.

Is it too big for you? No don’t worry this one is the right size for anyone. You will enjoy it greatly if used with your partner or lover like your wife or girlfriend. The beautiful purple color is adequate for anybody to appreciate and is discreet enough to be hidden out of site when visitors or guests come to your house or bedroom.

G-Spot Straight Wand AttachmentsTwo Attachments Straight and G-Spot Personal Massager Attachments for Hitachi Magic Vibrators

This set includes 2 different attachments, a G-Spot and a Straight shaft. This combo allows any customer to save on money by purchasing two great tips in one swoop. popular with college girls and university sororities, this combo pack is cheap enough for anyone to acquire as an add-on for their massagers.

Used by anybody from Lawyers, Doctors to even College Professors, these two best selling wand attachments will certainly please you and the other people you use it with. Known for being some of the highest rated wand accessories, this is a great gift for someone that you know is horny all the time.

Some of the other notable wand attachments accessories includes the Wand Essentials Vibra Cup Masturbator Wand Attachment, Adam & Eve Magic Massager Pleasure Attachment Pleasure Beads, Wand Essentials 2 Piece Attachment Kit, G-Spotter Pop Top Deluxe Silicone Hitachi Magic Wand Attachment, Pop Top Wand Attachment Nubby Purple, Wand Essentials Sweet Pea Thrill U-tips Wand Attachment, Blue Aster Wand Attachment by Wand Essentials, H2h H2h Attachment Set, Blush Novelties Mini Wand Massager Attachments Pink and the awesome Adam & Eve Magic Massager Pleasure Attachment Phallic Fulfiller.

Male Masturbation Wand AttachmentMale Masturbation Wand Massager Attachment by Wand Essentials


If you are a man and are seeking some extra fun in your life, look no further than the Wand Essentials Male Masturbation Wand Massager Attachment. Similar to a FleshLight but much better due to the powerful vibrations from your massager combined.

The ribbed shaft makes it the ideal male pleasuring device as it adds stimulation during use. Yes it can also be used as a standalone masturbation toy to spice up those lonely nights. This mens’ masturbation wand attachment measures dimension of 8.25 inches in length and 3 inches of width so that it will fit any guy out there with ease. The M-Gasm attachment is very popular with male celebrities, models, singers and even famous actors!

P-spot Wand AttachmentP-spot Wand Massager Attachment for Men by Wand Essentials

Being a guy is not easy sometimes, they don’t always make the right toys for your tastes. now they have made the perfect prostate massager known as the Wand Essentials P-spot Wand Massager Attachment for Men!

The intense prostate stimulation this massager tip can deliver is amazing. Paired with a wand massager for a powerful vibration deep inside yourself. The flexible, safe and smooth material is convenient for anyone to use. Work with any wand massager like the Hitachi Wand and other equivalent.

Pink Tulip Wand AttachmentPink Tulip Wand Attachment by Wand Essentials

Ladies love the new sleek and sexy Wand Essentials Pink Tulip Wand Attachment! The pretty pink color combined with the powerful vibration of your wand will create orgasms you didn’t know could be possible. Made from flexible TPR material, which means this is safe to use on sensitive skins without creating irritations.

Yes this add-ons enhances greatly the possibilities of your massager by creating a dual stimulation on your private parts. Use it by yourself of with some girlfriends to greatly enhance the deep massaging  and stimulating experience.

Dolphin Wand AttachmentWand Essentials Dual Pleasure Silicone Dolphin Wand Attachment

Made of body safe silicone grade material, that is at the same time flexible and soft and that has the mission to stimulate multiple pleasure zones on yourself. The beautiful and creative animal design of the Dolphin is a great idea by the clever designer. The nose of the dolphin is ready to tickle your clit while the large part of the shaft will penetrate deep inside your holes. The Dual Pleasure Dolphin from Wand Essentials is great to harness the intense power of your vibrating massager. The length of the shaft measure 4 inches to fit inside even the most demanding of you.

The curved longer part of the tip glides in and out easily and fills you up just the right amount. It can be used with the Magic Wand or other similar ones like the cool new 8 Speed Turbo Pearl Massager.

Gee Whizzard Wand AttachmentVixen Creations “Gee Whizzard” Hitachi Magic Wand Attachment

Made of extremely high quality non-toxic and  non-irritating 100% Platinum grade silicone, which is also Phthalates free and even Hypo-allergenic, makes this toy perfect for anyone to use safely. This hand made dildo attachment is very creative from the green swirls to the trippy colors on the shaft, this will certainly amaze you every time you use it! This item is compatible with all popular massaging wands on the market. Getting vulva stimulation with this product is quite simple. It’s also a great G-Spot attachment combined with the HItachi Magic Wand vibrator. The Gee Whizzard also known as Gee Whiz works also very well with the Wonder Wand and others.

The Gee Whizzard’s thick shaft is great for internal penetration. You will certainly appreciate the knobby design of this toys compared to other anal toys. Vixen Creations have done a very good job making this add-on accessory! Many review of Gee Whizzard Silicone Attachment for Hitachi Magic Wand are available to help you make this decision.