Best Hitachi Magic Wand Review

Hitachi Magic Wand

The incredible low price of an Original Hitachi Magic Wand makes it affordable for anyone to buy online or in your local store. Investing a small amount of money is definitely worth it as this device is extremely well built and will last easily 10 years if well taken care of.

Getting rid of back pain and now neck pains now is just the flick of your wand’s on and off switch.

This is the true one and only, the best of the best and most fabulous Hitachi Magic Wand Review: World’s Most Popular, Powerful and Best Personal Massager.


#1 Rated Vibrator by Women Worldwide!


The Accommodating handle allows everyone to be able to get to those hard to reach places to relax the body tissues in those problem areas. Multiple speeds are available on the handle which is fun and easy-to-use with your bare hands.

The large vibrating head measure a diameter of 2.5 inches wide and the long handle measures 9 inches in total length. There are other models but the Hitachi Magic Wand review for Model HV250R is by far the most popular one in the world. It also comes with a better than usual One-year manufacturer’s warranty.




Hitachi Magic WandEasy To Use


By having a good long size of 12 inches the HITACHI certainly has a non phallic appearance which makes it non recognizable by other people. So if you mum or sorority sisters stumble across into your dorm room, they will not realize the greatness that lies inside this massaging device. It’s very easy-to-use as all you ladies have to do is plug the cord into the wall.

This is not a cordless vibrator for the simple reason that the batteries wouldn’t last very long. You will be using this multiple time a day and would drain the battery in no time if it did had some. The private gentle vibrations in intimate parts of your body will feel greatly enhanced as you discover, touch and rub them with the head.

Touching erogenous zones of your sexy body, the vibrations will cause tingly stimulation of sensitive tissues and therefore sexually arousing the user. The wand’s head is very effective at stimulating the clitoris of women.

Look at video reviews on YouTube before deciding to purchase. Fulfill your wildest dreams and buy the best vibrator on the market used intimately by all celebrities, models, singers and actresses.

How did it the Hitachi Magic Wand get so Popular?


Hitachi has been marketing it’s incredible body massager for 33 years. The best selling vibrator massages muscles deeply with strong vibrations. Coming from Japan to the United States since the 1970s, this electric relaxation device was firs made famous by Betty Dobson when she proved it’s effectiveness for other uses. The popularity of this muscle massager worldwide is apparent. For over three long decades women from all over the world have been pleasuring with this standalone vibrator, now it’s your time to experience it first hand!


Magic Wand Advantages


It’s great for soothing the entire body with it’s different speeds and modes ranging from 5,000 to 6,000rpm which makes the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager a very powerful orgasm flexible neck toy and better vibrator with speed controller. The massager is available for people of all ages, so wether you are young or old you can use it with ease! It’s small and portable so carrying it around with you is convenient at all times. My friend Cindy also just bought one and reckons it’s absolutely fantastic. The noise is low and perfect if someone else is sleeping near by. She loves the simplicity by using the variable speed controller. As a Hitachi magic wand review, bonus all the compatible accessories make this intimate beauty product an absolutely winner! Overall rating in personal care category is 10 out of 10 which is excellent for a product of this type. Walmart but also NewEgg sell it online at always lower prices than the competition. Tips to Have An Orgasm given by reputable Doctors will certainly include this. Works like a charm to relieve the stress of in your body.

Hitachi Magic Wand Review of the Massage Features

Say goodbye to body pains and sore muscles! This Hitachi magic wand review is for the massager has two accommodating speed settings. To receive low powerful deep vibrations you will want to set it on the LOW SPEED setting. If you have body muscle pains then definitely put the wand on those and relax the day away. The point of rubbing it on those tense spots is to relieve all the built up tension that you accumulated with stress over a period of time. The high speed setting creates and intense rumble of vibrations which are not very quiet but certainly amazing for such an innocuous massager. I have been using it for over 15 years and still love how well it can pleasure me and my girlfriend! She has always wanted me to do a demo or live home video Hitachi magic wand review demonstration on camera for her but i’m too of a person.  You can massage easily now those hard to reach places of your body. The vibrator is a very effective way to masturbate quickly. Some of the best of the Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments must be the Gee Whizzard and the Silicone Nuzzle Tip for my taste. The flexible head and long handle allows anyone like your girlfriend, wife or husband to gently massage your body during a hot and steamy bedroom session. The various different wand attachments give this device endless possibilities. You can easily plug the vibrator into any wall socket around you and start playing with yourself or your loved significant other.



Hitachi Magic Wand Review in Video



After a while I just ended up buying a special deal like the Trinity Triple Pleaser Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments Sets which increase pleasure greatly. No need to go to a professional masseur or masseuse anymore you can do it all in the comfort of your own home in privacy with the world’s best vibrator doesn’t look at all like one after you’ve read and seen with your own eyes our Hitachi Magic Wand review. Helping to relieve tension, relaxes your sore muscles with dual speed control that you can find out how it works by reading the instruction book.


Video of the Hitachi Magic Wand Review


Enjoy the Greatest Benefits

Many awesome attachments can be bought for the magic wand. Some big some others small, some colorful ones and some weird shaped discounted ones. An attachment is a piece of rubber that goes onto the white head or tip of the wand and changes the device’s functions. Some are made for clitoral stimulation and other made for anal or both. They range from prices from $5 for the cheap ones and up to $50 for some more expensive and classier ones. The high quality of these attachments means that you will be able to clean them easily and have the option to purchase new attaching heads from time to time to experiment with the wide available choices like the Silicone Nuzzle Tip, Hitachi magic wand review of the Gee Whizzard attachement and the awesome California Exotics Miracle Massager Accessory are easily available online on or other web retailers for cheap. During sexual intercourse, the wand can help the ladies achieve greater clitoral stimulation orgasms faster. It improve blood circulation around the genitals and can help men keep an erection for longer periods of time. It’s easy to bring this ergonomic vibrator anywhere you go. Some people have even said that it help with blocked nose and chronic sinus congestion such as sinus pressure. Some customers say that putting the device on low setting on their temple and head help relieve migraines and headaches. The device is generic but beautiful as it doesn’t resemble a man’s penis. Most ladies will use it as an erotic personal body massager more than anything else it’s made for stimulation and pure bliss. High quality is something is tough device should be proud of. It can make you feel like a miracle just happened in your life the first time you use it! It’s doesn’t look suspicious at the airport, in your suitcase it’s easy to hide. The beast HV-250R is the most powerful vibrator that fits your shape, has been used in Japan by women as an orgasm-generating vibrator for over 40 years. The flexibility of use of this device is what makes it so attractive for most buyers as it works on power source voltage of 110-120 volts to provides relief within minutes. It’s now easier than ever to start massaging yourself! I climaxed twice within minutes.

Which Vibrator is Best?

Finding the most popular vibrators for women is not always easy. Some many electric vibrator reviews with 5 star ratings such as this one but none have had so much success as a high-tech best seller! If you care about your personal care and health this will relax your mood and spirit with a great buzz easily. Extreme ecstasy will flow through your entire body with excitement.

This Hitachi magic wand review is any girl’s best friend! It seems like the kind of toy that they use in Fifty Shades of Grey book as it has a non phallic appearance. So sexy to play around in sexy lingerie and underwear. Rub it against your panties, you will moan and scream during climax. If you are a couple looking for some super intense vibration strength this might be the next thing on your wish list. It’s made of extremely high quality materials and comes with a factory warranty which is always a bonus.


Hitachi Magic Wand Massager

The 5/5 stars motor is tireless so you will be able to enjoy hours of pleasuring yourself at any time of the day or night. Turning on your favorite music in the background will allow you to enjoy the moment and get easier.

It’s a fashion accessory more than a health and beauty product. Athletes also sometimes use it evolved in such a great multi-function tool for many people around the globe. There are many copies and replicates of the wand in the industry, however, the real Hitachi Magic Wand Massager has been very popular and doctor recommended in countries such as USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and even Canada.

If you go to any expert for sex advice they will surely recommend you to try the magic of the wand on your sensitive parts. If it does not solve your problem, attachments might be the right solution. It is not too bulky, but many coupes and partners will tell you it’s the best for the simple reasons that it’s easy to care for, has great deal of powerful vibrations that will rock your body and improve your sex life with your lover. It’s worth every penny!

Place it between your legs and wait for the powerful surge that will make you very happy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, it’s cheap and very capable at providing pleasurable vibrations. It only takes 2 to 5 minutes to get a strong orgasm with it. It’s by far the best toy to have in the draw next to my bed or hidden under my pillow.



Everybody has been raving about this massager and it’s for good reasons. Now I understand what the rave is about after I read the best Hitachi magic wand review. It’s great for sexual night and parties with extra people for power stimulation. It exudes quality of construction. For my aching back its awesome feeling between the vertebras of my spine to give relief. If you knees, shoulders, arms are hurting you, put the massager not them for instant comfortable relaxation time.

How does it feel?

If your body has deep spasms inside your muscles and tension is build up, the high setting of the magic wand will pump strong vibrating pulsations to pleasure you during foreplay. Erotic massages can be accomplished in bed with your lover without the sometimes awkward penis-shaped regular vibrators are not welcomed by men in the same bedroom as they feel ashamed of their performance.

Magic Wand Hitachi Buy Now on Amazon
If your partner if feeling sensual on that night and are seeking a sensual experience with intense stimulation, I recommend beginners to use it as an external vibrator on the clitoris of the women. Even on low setting the intensity of the small wand is magical. Your body heats up and tenses up with excitement. Climaxing is only minutes away now every time you enjoy the large head of this Award Wining Vibrator on your wife’s private wet parts. I LOVE the product! The Best Hitachi Magic Wand Review in my opinion can be found on Google or Bing. With so many great customer reviews from guys and girls as it’s best in class user reviews this is an unbeatable gift for any woman looking for a bit of fun and excitement in their healthy joyful lives. A good friend of mine uses it all the time for his bad back pain and no more dead batteries.



I’ve also used this phenomenal rubbing it on my genital externally, but also its great for lower back pain, sore feet, cramped shoulders and knots in your back. I bought the attachments, I use one of them for back door stimulation feels great. Considering it’s great price it’s a no brainer to choose this one as your favorite review. Feels amazing on every part of my body! Most women will probably achieve an orgasm after just only a couple of minutes. It’s insane the huge difference between this and a traditional toy.

Pros and Cons

I don’t really have anything negative to say about it. Maybe if it was cordless it would be cool but then the batteries would always run out of juice. So its probably better attached with the 6 feet cord. This five stars rated massager has received more than 500+ customer reviews above a 5 star rating reviews which shows incredible achievement. i brought mine to New York City last month and didn’t have any problems at the airport in my carry-on bag it’s easy to bring along and travel with. I used it as soon as I got into my expensive 5 star hotel room in Manhattan. I used it overlooking the skyline of the city. It was a great time to do this so high!


Hitachi Magic Wand MassagerAdditional Functions and Details of my Hitachi Magic Wand Review:

With many features and additional adjustments, the buttons and controls on the wand are conveniently placed for great form and function. If you are repetitively stressed all the time and need some time to relax, you will now be able to experience long massage sessions for free at home.

The Hitachi magic wand is not completely waterproof but the head is definitely splash-proof and easy to clean in your bathroom sink. Even with extra lube its easily cleanable with soft warm soap. As Top Rated Vibrator, and as the Best Hitachi magic wand review for this device doesn’t disappoint.

After I did my own Hitachi Magic Wand review I even got my with free shipping on mine from Amazon. Quite light which makes it easy to hide and carry. The packaging it get delivered in is discreet for shipping so no-one will known what arrived in the box if privacy is a concern for you upon ordering online.

It only weighs 1.28lbs which is equivalent to 0.5kgs. Soft flexible head with super-powerful electric massager with speed switch that uses a common standard 110-volt outlet.



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