Giving Your Partner a Nurturing Massage with the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager

There are so many benefits to receiving the healing touch of a massage. It can relieve tension in our bodies, restore softness and flexibility to tight muscles, and improve circulation. Emotionally, we may feel comforted, soothed, and rejuvenated. Giving an intimate partner a massage can do even more. This can be an opportunity to offer a quality of loving touch and attention that we often don’t have the time or space for in our harried lives. A massage can communicate trust, affection, and reassurance.

Massage is actually an ancient healing art that requires a lot of time and dedication to really master. That’s why people study and become licensed to do it professionally. But that depth of knowledge and expertise isn’t necessary if we want to express our affection to our partners through loving touch. With just a few pointers and a little practice, you can learn to give your loved one a massage that is both sensual and nurturing. If you don’t have a massage table, you will need to find or create a similarly padded surface on which to work. A thin mattress functions well, as does a foam rubber base or a futon. Depending upon how extensively you work, you may shift positions a lot. Keep some extra cushions nearby, and use sheets and extra towels for coverings. Wear clothes that are comfortable and that will allow you to move and stretch easily while using the Hitachi Magic Wand today.

Hitachi Magic Wand MassagerIt’s preferable to massage with the Hitachi magic wand massager with oil, as this lubricates the skin and prevents your movements from causing uncomfortable friction. Some carrier oils have enticing scents, such as coconut, almond, and peach. Warm the oil in your hand before you apply it to your partner’s body, and spread it with smooth and flowing strokes. Make sure your partner is relaxed and comfortable before you make contact. You can actually communicate the warmth of your feelings, and your attention, through your hands. Focus on this, and it will more than compensate for any technical knowledge and expertise that you lack.

When you encounter tense muscles, lean in and apply deeper pressure to those areas. The heels of your hands and sides of your thumbs can really work into knotted places (such as the shoulder blades) and relieve tension. You will be going largely on intuition now, feeling where your partner needs attention – and how much. Sometimes circular movements provide the most relief; at other times, back and forth, kneading, or even choppy motions are preferable. Allow your partner to express how he or she wants to be touched with or without the magic wand. This can become a creative exploration for the both of you especially if you have some of the incredible wand attachments. Generally, keep your hands in contact with your partner’s body as often as possible to sustain the flow.

Video Review of the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager

Don’t forget the head and face with your Hitachi Magic Wand Massager. The great many wand attachments really enhance pleasure! A lot of tension can build up here (as with the neck), and it will respond well to some nurturing touch. Place yourself behind your partner’s head and keep a straight posture as you work this area. Stroke the brows, cheeks, and temples with the pads of your thumbs. The effect is likely to be incredibly soothing. The hands and feet are other parts of the body that often hold tension and can be relieved if you make some gentle, circular motions with your thumbs. Kneading the soles of the feet can produce pleasurable sensations, too. When you’re finished giving your partner a work-over, lie down next to him or her and bask in the intimacy of the calm aftermath.