Heal Your Aching Muscles with Massage Therapy and a Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi Magic Wand MassagerThere’s simply not enough room in a single article to discuss all of the various techniques and benefits of massage therapy. Despite its overall popularity, there are a couple of misunderstandings as to what massage therapy can achieve. Many people seem to think that massage is nothing more than a simple back rub that works the muscles to ease tension.  A second common misconception people have is the frequency of massage. Folks often dismiss a massage during the times when they are not tense, as they feel it is unnecessary. This article will illustrate a few reasons why you should make massage therapy a regular part of your healthy lifestyle and to make sure that you massage therapist uses the powerful Hitachi Magic Wand.

The truth, however, is that muscle tension doesn’t always manifest itself in the form of stiff limbs, back and neck pain. Tension can mask itself as fatigue, low energy, digestion upsets and / or decreased memory and focus. We are generally unaware of the subtle effects of muscle tension until we experience the obvious aches and pains.

As muscles in the body tense and begin to knot, they can invariable push into pressure points within our body. This can have mild to debilitating effect on the way our bodies operate, even on a molecular level.

Hitachi Magic Wand power switch pictureIdeally when you are at rest your muscles should be as well. Muscle tension prevents this from happening. Massage therapy is a relatively inexpensive and effective way to help restore your muscles and soft tissues back to their original state of rest.  The kneading of the muscles releases the knots and kinks so that your body can function normally.

Lock-up points in the muscles where knots form can have other physical effects such as circulatory problems, and displacement of the natural alignment of the spine (and other joints).  Massage can relieve the tension that causes displacement and misalignment, allowing the bones to return to their natural position and permit circulation to flow accordingly.

As we work through each day and use our muscles, we develop toxins in our body and the Hitachi magic wand attachments help relieve those.  This is natural waste that is produced as our body burns off energy.  These substances can accumulate within tissues, particularly muscle tissue.  Deep massage can help the muscle release these fluids, pushing it back out into the circulatory system to be processed appropriately. Toxin release is actually the reason why a number of people who receive a complete body massage sometimes feel a bit under the weather within a day or so of that massage. It’s completely natural and does not pose any danger, it’s merely the body’s reaction as a result of draining itself of waste and fluids.

Start a new chapter in your life by changing lifestyle habits is a great concept, and one you can easily execute.  Massage therapy can help to bring your energy and mind back into focus through tension elimination. Increased focus and energy will help you in your daily life, and the Hitachi magic wand massager will motivate you to adopt even more healthy habits into your lifestyle.