Hitachi Magic Wand Massager: The True Power Review!

Hitachi magic wand massager reviewFor almost 40 years the Hitachi Magic Wand has done fantastic things for women as a pleasure machine. Made as a massager by the Japanese manufacturer HITACHI, this amazing device has been a long time favorite for men and women. You will find that many couple buy the Hitachi Massager, the husbands and boyfriends want to use it on their wives and girlfriends to see their experience. If you are a woman, you can simply slip the hitachi magic wand massager between your legs and turn it on. The strong powerful vibrations will make you orgasm in a matter of seconds. Yes seconds! This massager is recommended by sex therapists as well as Doctors worldwide as a sexual arousal product. If you are a man and want to get to use the hitachi magic wand massager, you can put the massager on the tip on your penis or under your balls which is a very sensitive area. It should enhance your masturbation moves. You can put a movie on your HDTV, laptop computer or Apple iPad and relax with the wonderful magic wand. Let it wonder around your genitals. The product is safe and well made. Do not get it near a water source however has it’s not a waterproof massager.

Hitachi Wand MassagerIt would be great if they made the magic wand in different colors like the iPod, or that maybe you could get one with a Leopard print pattern or Zebra pattern. Im sure designers would have fun making crazy looking and fun massagers instead of this pure white one. I know me and my girlfriends would like to get some funky designed Hitachi magic wands. I would have loved to have a pink with blue dots one while I was in College at University of UCLA. Now that I’m not a fitness instructor and dance teacher anymore, I have been focusing on premium massages. Not every massage is the same.


The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager is so Fun!


Some products can help you enhance the power of the zen massage. Guy and girls can enjoy the power of the wand for a massage at any time of the day or night. The large 2.5 inches head tip of the wand is big and of soft material that is easy to clean at any moment in time. During summer I usually use mine after long workouts or after doing a few laps in the swimming pool at the gym. It helps me relax my muscles deeply while enjoying a nice glass of Napa Valley Pinot Noir wine. He can rub the stressed out muscles in my lower back and legs as well as my tense shoulders. Last night we went to BOA Steakhouse restaurant in Hollywood, Los Angeles in California and the food and wine pairings we had we totally amazing Great food and great meal, the music was also very romantic in this restaurant. Maestro’s Steakhouse and Spago are also very good reputable place to have a romantic dinner in LA. They very high class and love to please customers with a high quality experience. That afternoon we had a round of golf with my husband at the Bel Air Country Club. Total fun. We had hoped to see Hugh Hefner there playing golf or even Kim Kardashian maybe snooping around with her mom Kris Jenner trying to find out if Bruce is cheating on her with that supermodel Angie Everheart haha. We hope to see all that going down after we saw it on TMZ but I guess it didn’t happen lol. So after the restaurant we went home to Beverly Hills 90210, all tired and stressed from the days activities, my husband decides to get the Hitachi Magic Wand massager out and massage my back with it. It’s so relaxing I love it. When he has it on the low setting you feel the slow deep vibration run throughout your whole entire body it feels wonderful. We highly recommend a nice movie on tv and get the magic wand and massage each others bodies.

Hitachi Magic Wand Massager PhotoCustomers that have owned the wand for a number of years, will tell you it’s the best thing that ever happened to them. Especially the ladies. Women can use the wand to fulfill they wildest fantasies and climax really fast. Having multiple orgasms in a row is absurdly easy with the Hitachi magic wand. No man can compare to the power of this gadget. The stimulation is perfect for intense arousals and huge ejaculations. Women often squirt when applying pressure of the wand on their clitoris. A little stimulation later with my Hitachi Magic Wand massager and wet squirting stars its wonderful. Your boyfriend will want to lick the juices between your legs off with his tongue. With some many happy customers worldwide and locally, this vibrator continues to be the best selling vibrator on the planet. Hitachi offer a long 1 year warranty for their product. The Hitachi Magic Wand does not break or ever need repair. It’s built like a tank. I wish they could made on that is USB powered. So that I can bring it in my car when my husband is driving during road trips. Or a 12 volts power adapter would be a good thing for use in the car or camping. But I seriously think that a USB Hitachi Magic Wand would be great, plug it in your laptop and turn it on.

The wand can be used by men and women from the age of 18 to 56. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt anyone if you were younger than 18 years old. The great electronics build quality is what is so impressive with this sex toy. It’s so sturdy and well made it seems like it’s going to last a very long time before it needs replacing of any sort. Yesterday I went to see Batman the Dark Night Rises it was such a cool movie! I wish I had my wand in the movie theatre with me to enjoy the film even more. Christian Bale is so Hot! Almost as sexy as George Clooney, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt in my opinion hahaha. You can use the Hitachi Magic Wand with the special attachments such as the Liberator, the fun sex furniture that you can just put your magic wand in and go at it. Some other fun regular and G-Spot attachments are available for the wand. If you like anal fun there are magic wand attachments for that too. If you have a hot roommate and she’s a cool chick, maybe it’s time to play with her a little bit. If she’s your BFF, make sure you propose to her the idea of trying out the magi wand with you. It’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with something new and exciting! The magic wand doesn’t make much noise, so it’s easy to protect you privacy and be discreet while using it. If it makes too much noise, just put it under your bed blanket and turn it on to the low setting at 5000 rpm. The vibrations will not be too loud then hopefully.


Hitachi Magic Wand Video Review


If you are a school girl or cheerleader looking for a new toy this is highly recommended. With winning the most awards, this best selling and most popular vibrator massager will win you over. It’s also a great gift for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and even Christmas. When they ship it to you it’s super discreet and they accept all sorts of credit cards types like Mastercard, Visa, Discovery, Paypal….I got mine in 2 days with free shipping from online. So start putting the fun between your legs and get one today! If you are like Gordon Ramsay in Hel”s Kitchen tv show, you’ve probably had  a long stressful day. I’m sure even people like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Ryan Seacrest, and probably even the old Warren Buffet has a magic wand to relax their muscles when they get home from a long stressful day of work. My dream would be to drive a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta or even a Bugatti Veyron Supersport from the Trump Tower near Times Square in New York City and end up in Miami, Florida. But I want to do that road trip with my Hitachi Magic Wand massager and all it’s attachments. I would love to use the vibrator in the Ferrari while my husband mashes the throttle to full speed. The huge vibrations the V12 motor will make me cum and with the added bonus of the magic wand, im ready for a huge intense climax party! I’m sure even the smaller engine in the Aston Martin DBS will do the trick in exciting me and getting me horny.

We are going for a world tour in a couple of weeks with my husband and some friends. I told my husband that I want to take the magic wand while we travel. He told me there might not be enough space in our suitcases. I don’t care I’ll remove some of his shirts and make sure that the Hitachi magic want fits in there. It don’t know if i’m going to bring the attachments yet but we’ll see depending on the space. The Gee Whiz is kind of big, but the Nub tip and Lilly Pod attachments might work well for travelling around the globe. We are first going to London right after the Olympics games. We have a Five star hotel penthouse near Picadilly Circus which will be very exciting fun! All the tourist around will make for some fun people watching. Im sure there will be plenty of hot bodies, maybe not in bikinis but hot babes walking around everywhere for the Summer Olympics. By the way I want to pass my condolences to the victims of the Aurora, CO Century cinema shooting. I hope the shooter James Holmes doesn’t get to use a magic wand wherever he goes. I saw the latest news on twitter and facebook recently. It as all over Google News and Yahoo News. Wall Street Doesn’t care they are just busy losing money at Chase and Bank of America. Anyway if you want to travel to exotic locations such as Hawaii, Fiji, Caribbean’s or even Island of the Bahamas with your vibrator it should be quite easy to do so. It’s light and practical to bring around with you. Plus it never runs out of battery. You maybe want to bring a plug adapter depending on the country you go visit. Once we have finished visiting London we will go to Paris in France, and also to Saint Tropez, Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo in Monaco. The fashion style and casinos are fantastic in the Mediterranean parts of south of France. After we leave there we will go back up north to Bordeaux and Burgundy to test some marvelous local wines. My favorite wines from France are the Rothschild wines. Leaving for Italy made us sad, however theres is plenty to love about romantic Rome and stunning Venice. My favorite place to use my awesome Hitachi Magic Wand massager was probably Sydney Australia on our friend’s multi-million dollar Mega Yatch.

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