Hitachi Magic Wand: The Many Benefits of the Best Massage

Some days you may wake up with a stiff back or shoulder, and think, “I need a massage!“ If you are someone who views massage simply as a way to soothe away aches and tension, or to buy yourself an hour of peace and relaxation, you certainly would not be wrong, but there is much more to it than that. You may want to consider some of the amazing things that an electric massager can do for your body. The simple power of touch has been known for centuries to be both vital and therapeutic for human function, and here we will examine some of the benefits that massage can have for your overall health and well-being.

Massage is defined as a treatment that involves rubbing or kneading the muscles, either for medical or therapeutic purposes, or simply as an aid to relaxation. There are many different types of massage, so you may wish to speak with your massage therapist beforehand to find out which kind will best suit your particular needs. For example, if you have a sports-related injury, a deep tissue massage with a Hitachi magic wand massager may be what you require, but could actually be the wrong choice for someone who is simply looking to relax and ease away muscle tensions, as deep tissue massage can leave you a bit sore in some spots afterwards.

Hitachi Magic Wand MassagerSome of the many benefits of receiving a massage are, of course, the relaxation and the easing of cramped muscles, but also include: increased joint flexibility, reduced stiffness, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, and reduced stress. Studies have shown that stress is responsible for as much as 80-90% of all disease! Reducing stress and promoting relaxation will certainly help you live a longer and healthier life. The amazing power of touch, especially massage, causes chemical changes in your body that reduce pain and stress. Massage releases endorphins (your body’s natural pain reliever) which cause feelings of euphoria and well-being, so in this way it can also be used to manage pain, anxiety, and depression.

Other benefits include: boosted immunity, increased circulation, and increased flow of lymph. Lymph is a bodily fluid containing immune cells and pathogens cleansed from the blood and tissues. It travels through vessels from areas of your body to your lymph nodes, where pathogens are destroyed, and the cleansed fluid then returns to the blood. Increasing the flow of this infection-fighting fluid boosts your immunity, and kills disease-causing pathogens in your body. Increased circulation means that more oxygen and nutrients will be delivered through all of your tissues and major organs, which also helps to keep disease away. One of your major organs is your skin, and you can expect to see the benefits there as well with the magic wand and it’s attachments that are compatible with most wand on the market.

Many people do not know about all of these incredible health benefits of an Hitachi Magic Wand massage, and therefore may tend to think of it as a superfluous or unnecessary expense. The device and it’s wand attachments will certainly make you relax fast! They may also mistakenly believe that it is only a temporary fix, when in fact, it can have much more far reaching benefits to their health, especially if done on a weekly basis or more, to keep stress levels low (and keep disease away), and mood uplifted, and body feeling relaxed and comfortable, and full of vibrant health. So you may just think again about investing in your health while enjoying some peaceful relaxation at the same time.