TOP 10 Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments Reviews

Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments

Rabbit Vibrator Wand Attachment

The Hitachi Magic Wand has been around for over 40 years! Often used by women as a vibrator, the Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments and accessories are more readily available than that of any other vibrator on the planet. The variety, styles, uniqueness and prices of these can vary from cheap to a bit more expensive but are generally all affordable for anybody to get online easily.


Rabbit Vibrator Wand Attachment Accessory

Haven’t found the perfect accessory for you yet? This rabbit vibrator wand tip by Trinity Vibes, will certainly make you scream of pleasure the first time and every time you insert it inside you. The little rabbit ear will pulsate on your clit which will make you release high tension on your private parts.

The strong vibrations of the wand even on low setting can be overwhelming the first few times, however you will quickly turn the speed to the high setting of 6,000 rpm which will make you cum almost instantly, repetitively and climaxing for long periods of time.

It’s a powerful tip that is as long as 4 inches and at the widest part is 2.3 inches large. If you are seeking some serious fun in the bedroom with your sexy partner this is the toy for you. It’s cheap enough and works amazing! The best recommended tip to get an orgasm is to stick the rabbit vibrator between your legs and insert in and out by rubbing all the sensitive parts.

Nuzzle Tip Wand Attachment

It’s very easy to clean and has a cheap affordable price at most online retailers.


Silicone Nuzzle Tip Wand Attachment

Silicone Nuzzle Tip is considered by many women worldwide the best experience as far as attachments go for the wand. Incredibly the Nuzzle Stimulator Tip measures only a small 1.43 inches wide and 1.38″ long. The tip attachment also has 2.3″ inner diameter, 3.25 inches tall so it’s really great for anyone that uses it as it fits perfectly. This attachment has a unique shape that makes it funky and interesting to play with. The silicone material is soft to the touch and fits perfectly on the head of the Hitachi magic wand.

This may be one of the best Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments and Accessories available to take your sex life to the next level consider buying this curved simulator that will generate vibrations exactly at the right spot you desire. It can also be used with the Adam & Eve Magic Massager. I just love to come home from the office and drink a coke, smoke a nice big marijuana joint and go to town with this. I have a feeling Snooki and JWOWW used this for some reason. I saw it on the internet. I wish it had a more descriptive wikipedia page with a lot more info about it. Wouldn’t it be cool if Playboy made their own wand attachments?


Wand Attachments


Magnolia Wand AttachmentMagnolia Magic Wand Attachment

I got the pink four inches long and made of soft material, perfect to stimulate your clitoris Magnolia Magic Wand Attachment! It smells fresh as the plastic material is of real high quality. In Hollywood and Las Vegas, my girls and I have used it in our hotel rooms. It doesn’t make much noise so it’s perfect for bed parties or sorority hazing on pledges at your college like we used to do in the old days.

The little clit stimulator piece feels like a tongue licking your between the legs. If you need something longer there are other accessories available with more girth and more length.  It actually very simple to buy online with your Visa or Mastercrad credit cards these days.

It’s super safe and secure due to high security servers to process the payments such as Ebay, Amazon or even Paypal. Make sure you have a wand with powerful vibrations like a Hitachi. This tip toy will go to great lengths to vibrate your inside to climax. It feels amazing inside you.


Gee Whizzard Wand AttachmentGee Whizzard Green Silicone Wand Attachment

Gee Whizzard by Vixen Creations was created for people that want something bigger and larger pulsation deeply inside of their bodies. This definitely achieves this goal and more that greatly! It’s intense and makes your whole entire body tingle.

The tip comes in blue and green marble colors, which both are very appealing. Enjoying clitoral or vaginal stimulation is only a short minute away whenever you want it. If your personal care is important to you, they having regular orgasms is certainly a must to feel relaxed and fresh. G-Spot attachments are often too big and too long but this one fits my holes nicely. Just long enough to satisfy my needs. It fits snuggly on the large head of the vibrator.

The attachment accessory is made of non toxic materials for no irritation of your sensitive skin and your health. It’s made of %100 medical-grade silicone latex and phthalate-free for safety. This material can be put in the dish washer as well as boiled for a couple of minutes for easy cleaning. In the United States it comes with a Lifetime guarantee. Great anal toy I found! By testing out some new Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments I manage to cum faster than ever before! I usually just put a condom on mine it’s easier to clean and slides better with some water based lube. This platinum grade silicone is extremely high quality and is considered by doctors and experts as one of the best-made vibrating massager attachments your can purchase at your local store or online. The perfect dimensions of 4.75 inches X 1.4 inches make it easy for everybody to enjoy.


Miracle Massager Wand AttachmentCalifornia Exotics Miracle Massager Wand Attachment Accessory

The Miracle Massager accessory is well made and probably the softest wand attachment in the market. Very creative shape and clitoris stimulator for quickies. The very soft jelly like material will fit very nicely inside you as it does for me and my girlfriend.

If you want to vibrate your vagina or G-Spot this is the perfect one to get. This ergonomically shaped accessory works well with the Hitachi Magic Wand for quick relaxation. If you are in the search for a new piece to fit your massager wand this easy to clean vibrator add-on is really a hit.

I’ve never climaxed so fast in my life! Inserted it between my legs and let it do it’s magic. You can also rub it on your sexy lingerie. Works perfectly with my soft Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Wow what an amazing feeling. I came four times since this morning which only expresses to you how fantastic this Hitachi magic wand vibrator tip is!


Nub Tip Wand AttachmentWand Essentials Nub Tip Wand Attachment

Yes it has a weird shape, however the soft little fingers are what the Wand Essentials Nub Tip is all about. Some of the most helpful customer reviews I read online highly recommend this wand attachment. It’s relatively cheap and easy to replace if worn out by rubbing it too much. I do not regret buying this inexpensive add-on as it’s made principally to enhance your sexual pleasures. Works very well on the clitoris part of the vagina for women. This nub tip can also be used on other massaging wands.

This tingle tip pink attachment goes easily over the fat head of your magic wand to help alleviate sore and tired muscles and stress from the day. Relief is only 1 minute away now aided by the strong vibration of any compatible wands. The textured nub is made of flexible TPE material that is easy to clean as well as ensures guaranteed satisfaction every time you put it on.

If you want to have tons of stimulation, this item will fit your lifestyle perfectly. The plastic/rubber doesn’t smell or have any weird odors. Using a bit of lubrication or water based lube may easy the hard nubs on your sensitive areas.


G-Spot Wand AttachmentG-Spot Wand Attachment Accessory

If you are into G-spot stimulation and have been looking for a new add-on for your Hitachi vibrator then this awesome G-Spot Wand Attachment might be your best bet. It’s well made of great materials for enhanced pleasure.

The tip will rub all over your clit as i has an extended part on the outside specially made to do so.

It’s has become one of the best selling magic wand attachment as well as one of the most popular ones in the USA.

Made to go tingle deep inside your body, this toy is fun to use and practical. If you want to achieve incredible orgasms this is the one to try out. The powerful and long lasting vibrations of the Hitachi magic Wand with this attachment make it a sure G-Spot pleasure for anyone.

You will orgasm in no time with this awesome wand attachment.


Hummingbird Wand Essentials Masturbator Attachment

Hummingbird Wand Essentials Masturbator Attachment

Trinity Vibes as long made great wand attachments for women, but now they have decide it was time for men to enjoy the power of the wand too. The numbed tip delivers amazing sensations on the male penis when inserted in this tip. By slipping the tube over your penis, the strong vibrations of the wand will make you climax in no time. Be sure to use some lube for better enjoyment. This is the best wand attachment for men!


With small dimensions of 5 x 3 x 5″ and a light weight of only 3.2 ounces, this tip nub is easy to hide and conceal during traveling. The product is a very high quality, I love it and use it on my man in bed. Great male masturbator overall. I wish more companies create Hitachi magic wand attachments and accessories for men! Getting very strong orgasms is now so easy for my guy!



Wand Attachment


Wand Essentials Male Masturbation Attachment Accessory

Wand Essentials Male Masturbation Wand AttachmentMy husband life changed the day he received his Trinity Vibes Wand Essentials Male Masturbation Attachment I got for him as our anniversary gift. We use it during out intense bedroom sessions during summer and winter. It plugs simply on your Hitachi Magic Wand as an attachment. It fits snuggly on any wand like a Fleshlight.

My man is the biggest fan of this accessory. He inserts his penis in the tiny hole and the great feeling real silicone ultra soft material makes it the perfect masturbation toy. He says he can’t believe how similar to a real vagina this feels while penetrated. It has a length of 8.3 inches so your guy’s ding dong will certainly fit in it unless he’s really well hung.
Most people will see many health benefits from massages from the Hitachi Magic Wand or and equivalent Wonder Wand. If you are into sports at a high level such as NFL, NBA, UFC Fighting, MMA, Nascar, Horse rider, Soccer or even in the Olympic Games, you will benefit having one of these. Being a professional football or basketball player can take a toll on your body, this massager will help you restore full functionality of you muscles by helping them rest and relax.


Off With Your Head Wand attachment“Off With Your Head” Magic Wand Accessory Review by Vixen Creations

In a world full of not very good wand attachments and cheaply made accessories, the Vixen Creations Off With Your Head Magic Wand attachment is one of the most creative and successful ones available for purchase on the internet. It feels like a bunch of slippery wet tongue licking you up and down. Vibrations on your clitoris make you juice yourself almost instantly with ecstasy and loud pleasure moans.

This attachments is also great for muscles relaxation as well as releasing tension in deep sore muscle tissues. It definitely fits the bill for the TOP 10 Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments Reviews! Make sure your neighbors aren’t too close otherwise they might hear your moaning sounds. The 3 vertical ridges “tongues” are made of hypo-allergenic materials which are not toxic and non-irritating. Your clit now has a new best friend! The New York Times, Mayo Clinic,, WebMD and highly recommend the use of a personal massager for muscle and body relaxation. Even the most read health magazines that focus on health care and well being recommend massages.


Hitachi Magic Wand AttachmentsHitachi Magic Wand Extra Attachments

These pair of great wand attachment for your wand will certainly ignite new sparks with your own sexuality. The G-Spot attachment fit snugly over the head of the wand. It has a nice natural curve like a real one would have. It hit the right spot every time! If you always thought that the woman G-Spot was a myth, it might be time to give this toy a try to prove you wrong. The straight attachment works well for those morning quickies and for my booty. It slips in there fantastically and fills me up with pleasure and passion at every occasion.

The fun comes at a price of around $14 depending on which online retailer you decide to shop at. I have read many reviews on Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other Hitachi related social media networks to read good customer reviews and testimonials. Most people seems to agree that for the price these are some of the best to choose from. Mine got delivered with free shipping taking three days shipping with UPS but I’m sure if you use Fedex or any other parcel company such as USPS you can probably get it delivered to your door even faster. I think some overnight express shipping options are available for the United States of America deliveries.


Tri-gasm Double Penetration Wand AttachmentTri-gasm Double Penetration Wand Attachment

Funky and weird attachments are not rare. The Tri-gasm Double Penetration Wand Attachment accessory definitely is a weird-shaped looking one. However it has been carefully designed to maximize the internal pleasures of your body. With a 6″ G-Spot stimulator in place as well as a clit tickler, this gadget will certainly make you climax hard.

If you want to get a bundle of assorted attachments for you wand, look no further than the build by Hitachi collection of add-ons. With the clever and affordable Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments Set, you can get a kick-start on your sexual arousal. You get four attachment pieces for the price of just one. In the box you will have the pleasure to find a 1 magic connection for the head of the wand, 1 curved attachment, 1 straight one and 1 spot tip attachment.

Highly recommended as they were specially made exclusively for the Hitachi magic wand, these can easily be considered in the Top 10 Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments available on the internet. The pieces fit together nicely, easy to attach and to put together rapidly.


Flutter Wand AttachmentWand Essentials Flutter Wand Attachment

I left the wand tip after I bought it at Walmart at the back of my BMW in the sun. The heat did not seem to have damaged the materials of this Flutter Wand attachment toy. It’s smooth, non-porous, cute and makes you want to start fluttering day and night. If I could plug it in my car it would be perfect for road trips when my husband is driving I could pleasure myself next to him. I think he can plug it into his Porsche 911 Carrera there might be a power outlet to handle the Hitachi wand. The dynamic shape of the tip attachment is great addition to your vibrating massager.

It will go into places that you have never explored before bringing you and your lover new fun experiences. When you place this oral sensation attachment over the head of your massaging wand, the feeling of flutter and vibration all together will give you an oral sensation experience almost. It tickles, flutters, teases your private parts with just the right amount of goodness. It’s most useful for quick relaxation.



Flutter Wand Attachment for Magic Wand Video Review


Trinity Triple Pleaser Attachment

Trinity Triple Pleaser Wand AttachmentThe white and funky looking Trinity Triple Pleaser Attachment, has been long regarded as one of the most popular attachments in the world made for the Hitachi Wand Massager. This Dual Penetrator featured wand tip, include a part to penetrate your vagina and another to fulfill your most crave anus desire.

It is ergonomically shaped and has a comfortable and soft feel I found during this review. The g-spot and anal stimulators are great to increase orgasms intensity on a daily basis.

Wives may want to use their 3Teez Wand Attachment with a condom to make it easier to clean after usage.

My yoga moves and stretches sometimes don’t seem to relax my tight muscles groups but the wand does the trick.

To relax back muscles, just apply the wand at 5,000rpm on low setting on a sensitive body part and let it distress that specific problem area. For relaxing back muscles, simply power on your wand and set it to the high setting of 6,000rpm as it will penetrate the vibrations deeper inside of you.



Lily Pod Wand AttachmentLily Pod Magic Wand Massager Attachment

Cute little purple Lilly Pod add-on which is appealing as it’s soft and covers your sensitive area. To produce maximum pleasure, this wand attachment covers the clitoris area of the woman playing with it. The sensations are fantastic! It tickles, it makes you giggle and puts you in a good mood in the mornings. I fund it easy to rinse with soap and warm water. It has been a best seller online for a number of years for multiple good reasons. Sorority girls love it! It maximize pleasure during sex and foreplay.


More about the Hitachi Magic Wand:

If you have always wondered what the best tips to relax your muscles for rapid pain relief are, the following advice might help your body recover faster with this wand massager. Vitamins which advises, with plenty of water will hydrate your muscle tissues and relax them. However if you are trying to fix chronic muscles pain sometime you need the world’s best massager at your disposal. You can try Progressive Muscle Relaxation techniques however they are not as practical as home remedies like the magic wand. Other options includes going to get a private Deep Tissue Massage which in itself is great but not always affordable, however it relaxes deeper tissue structures that tend to have a more intense pressure needed to be applied for it to ultimately relax the mind and body.


Magic Wand Attachments


Who needs massage therapy?



Video Review of the Hummingbird Wand Men Attachment