TOP Rated Men Wand Attachments Reviews

Men Wand Massager Attachments


Is your Hitachi Magic Wand needing some new wand attachments for men? Some of the most popular men wand attachments for wand massagers are the Hummingbird by Wand Essentials and another popular one is the G-Spot wand attachment due to it’s creative shape as well as easy attaching.


Hummingbird Attachment for Men by Wand EssentialsHummingbird Attachment for Men by Wand Essentials

This is the most talked about magic wand attachment for men and there’s good reasons for it! The innovative design revolutionizes the way men masturbate. The amazing sensations provided by the nubbed make extra pleasure on your private areas. Also known as the masturbation massage tube attachment, it’s easy to slip over your penis with some silicone lube and let the wand provide you with strong vibrations for mind blowing sensations. The Hummingbird wand attachment as been in strong demand in the industry as it’s affordable but also provides great pleasure for all males!


Mens Wand Attachment Miracle Massager Attachment AccessoryMiracle Massager Attachment Accessory by California Exotics

As one of the best selling wand attachments, is the incredible California Exotics Miracle Massager. It’s compatible with all head massagers that have a big head. The Love Nubs and soft jelly material make this G-Spot probe a must have in your collection! It’s mainly made for the Miracle massager but is compatible with other wands. Men love the way it penetrates deep inside them due to the ergonomic curve and soft surgical grade silicone. With just a little lube, this is a great anal toy for any guy. Experience strong orgasms with this amazing magic wand attachment!


G-Spot Magic Wand Attachment for MenG-Spot Wand Attachment by Trinity Vibes

With a total length of 6 inches, this ergonomically contoured attachment is designed for maximum pleasure. By smoothly transitioning vibrations to all the key areas, it’s will certainly make you a very happy man. This G-Spot magic wand accessory attachment goes deep inside and produce intense vibrations for huge excitement. It’s quite similar to the Trinity Vibes Tri-Gasm attachment and both work well for men. It’s suitable for the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager and the Adam & Eve Magic Massager.


P-spot Magic Wand Massager Attachment for MenP-spot Wand Massager Attachment for Men by Wand Essentials

Delivering intense prostate stimulation is the job of the Wand Essentials P-Spot attachment. Just place the tip onto the top of your Hitachi magic wand or any other massager wand powerful vibrations deep inside of your body. The smooth and flexible lateral is easy to clean after use of the product. It will be a great addition to your toy collection. It’s also awesome for external use on your body or your boyfriend’s body. by teasing and sliding it sensually.


Male Masturbation Massager Wand AttachmentMale Masturbation Wand Massager Attachment

Making that wand massager become a pleasure device is really easy with the Wand essentials Male Masturbation attachment. The ribbed shaft allows for additional stimulation of the penis during use. It can be used as a standalone masturbation toy for those lonely night due to it’s impressive way to give you an orgasm fast. Known usually as the M-Gasm wand attachment, this is easy to get started with, just pop it onto the head of your magic wand and voila you’re ready to go!


Tri-gasm Double Penetration Wand AttachmentTri-Gasm Wand Attachment

Turning your Hitachi Magic Wand into a vibrating double penetrator is now super easy with the new and improved Tri-Gasm attachment. The latex-free design allows anal insertion for maximum enjoyment. Some says the material can be a bit hard and not very squishy.

It’s a very useful toy touring to swingers parties that you decide to go to as it can pleasure women very well too.


Bird Of Paradise Men Magic  Wand  AttachmentBird Of Paradise Wand Massager Attachment by Wand Essentials

By just slipping the attachment over the head of your wand massager, it’s now easy to enjoy some powerful sensual sessions at any time of the day or night. Curved perfectly to hit your G-Spot each and every time, this attachment will certainly become your favorite toy. The large and thick shaft measure 5.5 inches in length and a 2 inch internal diameter for extended erotic pleasure. Customers all over the world rave about the genius of this tip. It’s simplicity in design and effectiveness are incomparable and manage to satisfy thousand of happy buyers in many countries where it is sold.


Gee Whizzard Magic Wand Attachment for Men by Vixen CreationsGee Whiz Magic Wand Attachment

With the Blue Marble color, this 100% Platinum Grade Silicone Hypo-Allergenic wand attachment is definitely non-toxic and durable. Yes it’s also boil able so that you can clean it very easily after intense repetitive use on yourself or your boyfriend. The silicone does no irritate sensitive skins so using this device many times during the day is not a problem. It gets delivered to your door very quick and the packaging is discreet. It can be a little more expensive than the competition but the quality of manufacturing it top notch for such a fun toy. The length is about 4 inches long of penetrable area with a slight curve to hit the G-spot easily.


Mystic Men's Wand AttachmentMystic Wand Attachment by Vibratex

With a insertable 2.75 inches and made of 100% silicone, this super soft to the touch attachment is also compatible with all water-based lubricants such as Durex and KY Jelly. Should you want to hit your G-Spot, the bulbous shaft is satin smooth to provide maximum insertion pleasure. It can be effective at massaging the prostate with men and awesome also for clitoral stimulation with women. It’s the ideal toy for married couples or boyfriend and girlfriend types of situation where mutual play is involved. This is compatible with the Vibratex Mystic Wand Hand-held Massager.


Blue Aster Men's Magic Wand AttachmentBlue Aster Magic Wand Attachment

If you are seeking a classy and powerful wand attachment for men, this Blue Aster wand attachment might do the trick. It enhances the power of your wand massager greatly due to it’s flexible TPR material that does not irritate your skin. By providing additional stimulation to your private parts such as your anus, the blissful experience is very strong due to it’s bulbous rounded attachment tip. It’s always seems to hit the happy spot with the long thick shaft penetrating your pleasure center. This is compatible with the magnificent Wand Essentials Magnolia V and other types of wand massagers with a massage head of approximately 1.88 inches in diameter. The insertable length of this one is of 3.25 inches so it’s perfect to go deep!


Hitachi Magic Wand with G-Tip AttachmentG-Tip Men Attachment for Hitachi Magic Wand

Wand Essentials created this wand attachment for intense G-Spot Stimulation. It works well for men and women as well. With the huge power of the Hitachi wand, precise stimulation and a shape that delivers vibrations in the right places, this is definitely a winner. The G-Tip can be inserted up to 3.34 inch deep. the diameter of the shaft is quite large at 1.62 inches. Made of TPE/TPR flexible material it’s easy to clean and it soft to the touch. You can hit the clitoral area or the g-spot easily with this one. It bends to maximize the experience.


G-Spot Wand AttachmentVibratex White G-Spot Wand Attachment

Coming standard with fast shipping and a great price, it’s easy to recognize the popularity of this Vibratex wand attachment. As far as silicone attachments go, this one is satin smooth and does not provide irritation to the skin as the silicone is slightly textured. The white color makes it look really clean and also makes a great gift for anyone with a magic wand or similar wand massagers. It’s an awesome add-on to enhance pleasure in the bedroom with your partner or lover. The durability and high-quality of this piece makes it one of the greatest as well as most unique attachments available on the market.


G-Spotter Wand AttachmentG-Spotter Pop Top Deluxe Wand Attachment

Finding a great attachment for men is not always easy. However Pleasure Works has come up with this G-Spotter Pop Top Deluxe Silicone Wand Attachment that comes in a black color and is 5″ long. With a curved form factor, this plug onto the tip of your wand massager and prepares your for intense anal orgasms. Men will feel maximum penetration from this device as it hits all the right spots inside your body such as the prostate and G-Spot. The thickness of the shaft is of 1.3/8 inches which makes it perfect for users that want something big inside of them. The non-porous material of this awesome men wand attachment is easy to clean so that is great for sharing and using on many people. A dual-stimulation vibe combined with the gently curved shaft allows for incredible pleasuring while in use by males to get intense prostate stimulation.


Hitachi Magic Wand with Free Speed Controller AttachmentHitachi Magic Wand with Free Speed Controller Attachment

Experiencing a powerful massage is no super easy with the Speed Controller. Attach it to your wand and set the right amount of vibrations and speed you desire. Enjoying the versatility of this Wand Essentials Speed Controller is fun because you can now turn the speed up or down gradually and control the vibes. Normally you only get two vibration level, but now you have so many to choose from. From slow to really fast it will certainly make you cum faster than ever. Simple to use and control, it’s a great accessory for your wand massager.


Kinklab Viberite Double Agent Wand Men's AttachmentViberite Double Agent Wand Attachment

Exploring the depth of your pleasure zones is now feasible with this Double Agent attachment, that will satisfy even your deepest sensual spots. Maintaining a strong contact while riding it, it generates amazing clitoral and anal stimulation for men and women alike. Textured softly, it fits easily on the tip of your massager. Viberite also has their own brand of massagers but we strongly recommend the Hitachi wand for enhanced pleasure as it has the strongest vibrations of them all and is considered the world’s best vibrator!


Curved Wand AttachmentJollies 100% Silicone Curved Wand Attachment

Obtaining 20% more vibration can be easily achieved with this 100% medical grade silicone attachment. The beautiful shimmery color is discreet and does not look like a sex toy at all. Essentially made for the magic wand, it also works well with other types such as the Brookstone massager and others. You can find this male masturbation tip online for quite cheap generally, it’s fast and easy to clean and is durable, so no problem if you use it every day it will last a long time. The flexible silicone material allows for smooth penetration with lube in your asshole and allows great massage of the prostate combined with intense orgasms.


California Exotics Miracle Massager Accessory For HimCalifornia Exotics Miracle Massager Accessory For Him

Attaching the Miracle massager wand attachment to your wand is easy and will provide unequal pleasure at all times of the day and night without getting tired. The pliable and soft TPR silicone is the ultimate male masturbation toy. Pumping your penis in and out of this attachment will certainly make you blow your load fast! As one of the best selling male toys on the market, it snuggly fits over the shaft of your penis for a comfortable snug fit. Should you decide to use this wonderful men attachment on your partner, be aware that his orgasms will be extremely profound and powerful. The vibration intensity is stunning when used with a bit of lube!


Rabbit Vibrator Magic Wand Attachment for MenRabbit Vibrator Wand Attachment by Trinity Vibes

This one is normally for use with the ladies but we strongly recommend it for men too. The 4 inches of insertable length is perfect to go deep in your ass. The flexible rabbit ears are great to tickle your balls. Yes you will have a happy nut sack while using this one! Converting your wand massager into a professional sex toy for men with this unique attachment feels just right. Incredible sensations as it glides in and out of your butthole being powered by the strong vibes of the magic wand. For couples is a fun addition to your toolset and for guys it’s big enough to feel like you have something big and juicy inside of you. This rabbit attachment is quite similar to the Magnolia wand attachment that is one of the best sellers.


Pop Top Wand AttachmentsPop Top Wand Attachments

Yes you can even massage your muscles and PC muscle with some of these creative and successful wand attachments such as the Pop Top Smooth, Pop Top Nubby and the big Pop Top Ridged. These allow for cleanliness but also for enhanced stimulation. By combining your massager with these tips, your experience will be largely augmented due to the fact that they provide 3 different massaging sensations to your body as well as private parts. Relaxing is now so easy with your personal massager because you can now achieve deep tissue rubbing and also light massaging to relax in serenity. They are great gifts for someone you love or for yourself. This is a useful pack because you get a few wand accessories to try and then you can decide which one is truly your favorite.


Magic Wand Attachment Combo PackMagic Wand Attachments Combo Pack

With these three great interchangeable stimulators your relaxation times will never be the same again! Including a G-Spotter Plus tip that deeply penetrates anally, a long 4 inch tip for regular use in your ass coming in and out feels great, but also the cleverly designed Spot tip that just penetrates enough to make you feel amazing when ejaculating. They all connect together with the Magic Connection 2 base that is compatible with the Hitachi Magic Wand but also similar popular massagers. This is one of the world’s best wand attachments you can find due to their simplicity of use and great durability. The materials are soft and the blue colour make them discreet when you have guests around they will not know what it is as they don’t resemble a dildo or regular vibrator.


Love Seat Premium Hitachi Magic Wand SystemLove Seat Premium Hitachi Magic Wand System

Should you want to take your massaging fun between your legs to a whole other level you may want to consider buying the Hitachi Magic Wand Love Seat. This allows the wand to be tightly and securely place into the love seat and pointing upwards. By doing this you can regulate the massaging effectiveness with the included speed controller. The cushion is made from a soft hypoallergenic foam that is machine washable. The benefits of the love seat is that your hands are now able to be used for other tasks. Simply inserting your personal wand massager into the hole of the seat makes it ready to ride and get full pleasure. You will feel the vibrations deeply throughout your body and mind. Using it while being intimate with your partner is also a great way as you can straddle the love seat cushion backwards for a from behind action.


Pop Top Wand Attachment Nubby PurpleNubby Purple Pop Top Wand Attachment

With a large diameter of 2-7/8″ this tip attaches on the head of your wand-style vibrating massager. Made of non porous hypoallergenic silicone material it’s safe to use on any types of skin. Adding texture and playfulness to any massage, it help customise the types of massages that can be given compared to the regular wand tip. It’s also a lot easier to clean than the standard wand tip of your massager as it’s removable and can be washed easily with soap and warm water. It’s a fabulous cap to have to deliver new sensations during your playtime. The nubby design is made of 100% superior silicone which is of course non toxic and phthalate-free for additional comfort. It’s effectiveness is unsurpassed to relax your entire body and mind by providing amazing vibes during use. You will also enjoy this to give yourself a deep-tissue massage at any time of the nigh or day. The discreet and different shape make it ideal to hide from prying eyes of your guests.


Triple Pleaser Wand Attachment by Trinity VibesTriple Pleaser Wand Attachment by Trinity Vibes

To increase the pleasure from your massager you will need a great attachment. This Triple Pleaser has been made to deeply penetrate your body in all the right ways. It can be used by men and women alike to achieve anal and clitoral stimulations. It fits perfectly on most hand held massager wands for maximum compatibility. Yes it’s triple the fun with this Triple Pleaser that include a G-Spot stimulator of 3 inches but also the anal stimulator of 3.25 inch. Hitting all the right erogenous zones is too easy now! Millions of users have been satisfied with the performance of this add-on due to its great attributes and many benefits when attached to a massaging device. Some even call it the perfect attachment! It’s also known as the 3Teez in other parts of the word when sold under the XR Brands which also make the popular Dolphin Wand Attachment.


Gee Whizzard Men Wand AttachmentGee Whizzard by Vixen Creations

Should you want to impress, this 100% Platinum Grade Silicone and also Phthalate-free emerald green attachment is a great magic wand accessory. The non-toxic and non-irritable wand tip prepares you for extreme anal stimulation. It’s compatible with the Hitachi Magic Wand but also the awesome Adam & Eve Magic Massager so almost anyone can buy it if you have a  common hand-held wand massager. Known as one of the top rated wand attachments, it’s perfect for anal insertion if you are a male. The long and thick shaft of the Gee Whiz make it one of the best rated anal toys on the market. It feels like a real cock when masturbating with it. It’s rigid enough and also flexible enough to allow for maximum vibrations inside of you. It’s a highly recommended wand accessory.


Vibratex G-Spotter AttachmentVibratex G-Spotter Wand Attachment

Made of high quality food grade vinyl, this one has an arc in the stem for additional g-spot stimulation. It’s made in the USA so you can be assured of premium manufacturing. Similar to the wonder wand, it’s awesome for in-and-out penetration when attached to the tip of your wand massager. Making it one of the best vibrators in the world when combined with the Hitachi. Reaching an orgasm will now be so easy for you and your partner. it’s a great vibrator, easy to clean and interchangeable with other accessories if you get bored of it one day. there are also no batteries to replace! It’s definitely a must have! Your husband will love it when you massage his prostate with the Vibratex G-Spoter.